Chiropractic Testimonials

"Great chiropractor practice! I’ve been for my last two pregnancies and they have helped me tremendously. Dr April is quick and they have a great waiting room for kids. I’ve recommended her to multiple friends!"

- Tindell B.

"When you have a kid friendly place and two kids, you jump at it. I started going to Dr April when I was pregnant with my second. I was getting massive aches and pains and she was able to help me get comfortable. After delivering, my son developed torticollis. Dr. April worked with him and was the first to urge me to seek care from a PT. It's a good thing too because he had to have surgery to correct it. Without her knowledge of babies and treating him, we wouldnt have caught it. I Recommend."

- S.R.

"I've been to many chiropractors over the years for both sports injuries and car accidents. Doctor April knows what she is doing. She will find that spot that hurts and get it back into place."

- Pete M.

"First time customer. But after April listen to my concerns, gave me good information, and also was gentle in the process and willing to do it I was comfortable with."

- Sterling N.

"Dr April is great with kids, and really knowledgeable! It is set up for child and adult service. There is an area with books and toys, if a parent wanted to get adjusted and have somewhere for their kids to be. The space is very relaxing."

- Melissa M.

"Love Dr. April and this clinic! So easy to pop in and get an adjustment. Great location in historic Roswell!"

- Lauren R.

"I had an adjustment on Thursday with Dr. April - slept great. Had a massage on Friday and WOW she worked out some knots in my neck and shoulders. Go see these gals, they are awesomeness."

- Jeffery I.

"Dr. April and staff are kind, knowledgeable, and fun! As a birth and postpartum doula in Roswell, I know I can refer my clients to Dr. April to receive the best care to guide baby into optimal fetal positioning and support alignment for mom and baby long into the postpartum period. Massage and stretching services on site are also top notch!"

- Lauren B.

"Since my son was born, I was encourage to take him to a chiropractor. My friends swore by chiropractic treatment for their kids ear infections and stomach issues. My son did not fight chronic ear infections and I didn't think he had bad stomach issues we put off going. He is now 3.5 and we're finding he has mild sensory issues - we think he is a seeker. I've been reading about different therapies including OT and Chiropractic support. My husband sees Dr. April and discussed our son with her and encouraged me to make an appointment - so I did. Upon looking at his spine (please forgive me if I'm using the wrong description Dr. April) she found his C1 was severely out of line along with another area that impacts his digestive tract. Turns out the C1 is directly linked to sensory issues. We are now seeing Dr. April twice a week and in just a short time we've seen a huge change - improvements in his digestive tract. I am so happy we found Dr. April and grateful for her pediatric knowledge!!
During my son's appointments she did encourage me to get adjusted as well and being a working mommy has not been kind to my neck and shoulders - she is definitely helping fix that. :).
Dr. April is great! After the evaluation she will talk you through the results and treatment plan as well as what other areas of the body are being impacted! I would encourage everyone to pay her a visit!"

- Kisa Adkins Baskin

"First of all, I was a total skeptic. I never believed in chiropractors and what I thought they did, which was a bunch of cracking of bones. Boy, was I wrong. I was 5 months pregnant when my left groin muscle started to bother me. It hurt 24/7 and it affected my job because it killed me to even walk. I tried everything: massage, stretching, hot baths with epsom salt... you name it! My doctor finally told me to try a chiropractor. At that point of my agonizing pain, I decided to make an appointment.
Dr. April came highly recommended in prenatal chiropractic care. At our first meeting, I was blown away at how accurate she was at pinpointing where my pain came from along with some other issues I didn't even bring to her attention. She maneuvered me in such a caring and professional way and helped me feel so comfortable. As I left that first visit, I was able to actually walk out of there without much pain, and from that point became a firm believer in chiropractors!! I continued to see Dr. April throughout my pregnancy and she continued to ease my pain tremendously each and every time.
After my delivery, I thought I was all "better". Well, I thought wrong. I started seeing her again 4 months later because my groin pain came back and I started having "new mommy" pains in my lower back and right side of my neck. The pain started keeping me from sleeping and hurt my plan to exercise. She has once again helped my pain and uncomfortableness and I truly believe she's a miracle worker.
If you are on the fence about chiropractors like I was, please just try it! Especially let Dr. April be that first try! She's amazing and so knowledgeable about the human body and how to help correct so many ailments. I never thought I would ever praise a chiropractor but I give my wholehearted appreciation to her and her care for helping me so much."

- Melissa Pottinger Arndt

"April is an incredible chiropractor, who has helped me throughout the years deal with aches and pains. She is gentle and even my kids beg to go see her when they feel off. Her office is beautiful and inviting, with a playroom and very family oriented. I highly recommend her to everyone I meet, and even skeptics like my father have gone, and attest to how great he feels after she adjusts."

- Sher Iranparast

"I've been seeing Dr. April for a couple of years now and I can't say enough good things about her and her practice. She's gentle, caring, and extremely knowledgeable. I also take my 11 month old daughter to her. I'm currently pregnant, seeing her regularly, and will take baby boy to her when he gets here. I had the pleasure of getting a massage from the new therapists Julia last night and she is amazing. Go see them both!!"

- Jessi Sellers

"I have been suffering for months with major back pain. I have been on major pain killers and have had three epidurals. I have had little relief from all of this. I have seen April for one week and I have made more progress with her in this one week than I have in months with an ortho doctor.
I saw her when I was pregnant with my first child. They told me at 27 weeks he would never turn and a c-section would be necessary. April asked me to give her a chance to do some adjustments and see what we could do. Sure enough after a few adjustments that almost 9lb baby turned at 39 weeks! She is wonderful.
My youngest son (4) has asthma and he loves getting adjusted. I would (and have) recommended her to all of my friends especially the pregnant ones!"

- Laura Riggs Petitone

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