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Massage Options

Cupping can be used to break up scar tissue, increase blood flow and stimulate healing.

  • Cupping can be used on post-surgical scars to promote healing.
  • Cupping can leave marks that will last up to a few days.

This technique focuses on the deepest layer of muscles to relieve muscle tension by applying firm pressure. It is used to help heal tight muscles, soreness, and chronic aches.

This therapy involves Myofascial scrapping which breaks down scar tissue and increases circulation and range of motion.

This gentle pressure therapy is used to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, eliminating pain and restoring motion.

A deep stretch with a contraction and relaxation phase to allow the muscle group to achieve optimal relaxation. It improves muscle coordination, mobility, flexibility. Note: Tight muscles are weak muscles, stretching allows for muscle growth.

Safe 2 weeks post-delivery. If mother received c-section 4+ weeks. Cupping can be used on the scar to help promote healing.

Performed side-lying with body length pillows. Gentle and special attention to problem areas including hips, and lower back.

Sports massages are a combination of problem-focused areas incorporating stretching and deep tissue work.

Trigger point therapy is designed to relieve tight areas within muscle tissue by applying cycles of pressure and release.


  • 60 minutes-$80
  • 30 minutes-$40

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