Lactation Consultant Nicole Schwartz

Chiropractic Roswell GA Nicole Schwartz

Nicole is a licensed and registered International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and holds an undergraduate degree in Biology. She is passionate about helping  her clients reach their breastfeeding goals by practicing evidenced-based care with compassion. When she is not working with her awesome families she can be found crafting or making a mess in the kitchen with her daughter or exercising at barre class.

Nicole can help with numerous breastfeeding, pumping, and bottle feeding concerns including (but not limited to):

During pregnancy

  • Discuss your unique situation and questions
  • Learn what to expect in the first few days and weeks after birth
  • Help you feel prepared and increase your confidence
  • Talk through any difficulties you had breastfeeding a previous baby
  • Get to know each other so I can jump right in and help you postpartum


  • Have a well-check to make sure breastfeeding is off to a good start
  • Address nipple pain or damage
  • Help a baby who is having a hard time latching or eating at the breast
  • Address concerns about your baby’s weight gain
  • Get help with your breast pump or pumping questions
  • Plan for going back to work, including pumping and storing your milk
  • Help with night weaning or weaning

Pricing (visits are FSA and HSA eligible):

  • New client; 60 minutes $115
  • Established client; 60 minutes $100

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